Eternalizing Cremations

Eternalizing Cremations

With today’s rising funeral costs, a recent study has shown that 48% of families are turning to cremation. These services have gained popularity and acceptance, in many cultures and religions. In addition, many cemeteries allow multiple cremation burials in a standard sized plot. This option allows for a truly classy yet affordable cremation memorial at a fraction of the overall cost.

Customized Cremation Monuments

Customized Cremation Monuments are available in various sizes and styles. They include uniquely creative structures that are specially designed to respectfully hold one or more cremains.

We will work with you to design the perfect memorial for your loved one.

  • Urns
  • Base of an Upright Memorial
  • Upright Memorial
  • Private or Community Columbariums
  • Benches that include cremation holders
  • Bevel monument with plaques
  • Granite Birdbath
  • Cremation memorials
  • Bevel monuments with plaques

You can see examples of some of our work by visiting our Cremation Memorials gallery. Contact us in Lebanon to arrange a free in-home consultation.