Helping victims of Dayton and El Paso

August 15, 2019 2:26 pm Published by maggardlaserart

When we heard about the tragic shootings that happened the beginning of August, God laid on our hearts to do whatever we could to help the victims’ families. We spent hours researching the victims and found ways to reach out to their families and let them know that we are here for them. Our goal was to provide each of the victims family a cemetery marker to celebrate their lost loved one at no cost to the family. We came in contact with some amazing people, both locally here in Ohio and in El Paso, who helped us along the way, answering questions and taking the time to be there however they were needed. These tragedies helped bring the communities together, showing a bright light of hope during a tragic time.

Anyone who can assist us in getting the word out to the families we may have been unable to reach is much appreciated. If you know any of the families of these victims please have them contact us via email at  or call 513-282-6969.




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    maggardlaserart says:

    Dear Friends,Thank you for your incredible generosity toward the victims of the recent tragedies in Dayton and El Paso. I sincerely hope this community pays you back in kind by sending their business to you.  I know I will given the opportunity.With warmest regard

    Colleen S- Aug 2019

    This company cares about their community and country. Taking care of families that lost their loved ones in senseless acts of violence!

    Mike N- Aug 2019

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