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Covid-19 Update

March 23, 2020 11:49 pm Published by maggardlaserart

Hello again to our extended family!
We hope you are all well and safe as we get through this trying time.
As of this evening, the State of Ohio is under a “Stay At Home” Order.
While we are recommending everyone follow the guidance given to us by our government officials we want to be sure that everyone knows we are still able and ready to remain open for business. There are a few categories of businesses that are able to operate with modifications and we fall into that group. This means we will continue with operations as stated in our previous correspondence. We will continue to keep our work area sterile and safe, in accordance with the standards and expectations set by the CDC, sanitizing before and after every client interaction. We ask that you please set an appointment as opposed to our usual “open door” policy so that we are able to keep these standards in play at all times. If it is possible, we ask that you interact with us via phone or email. As usual you can reach us at ANY time! Our industry doesn’t keep normal hours so that means to be available to you at all times, we don’t keep normal hours either!
We are saying prayers that God will watch over you and all of your family and loved ones. We decree that He will be our unfailing guide through these trying times. We have no doubt that He knows we will come out of this stronger and better than ever.
We love you all and are here for anything that you may need.
God Bless…and wash your hands!

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