Adapting to the Rise of Cremation Services

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In an ever-evolving landscape of funeral traditions, one constant remains: the need to remember and honor our loved ones. But in the past few years, a significant shift has occurred in how we choose to do so.

Traditionally, we bury our loved ones in the ground. Today, more and more people are choosing cremation services due to their practicality, affordability, and environmental considerations. It has fundamentally transformed the industry, affecting funeral homes, cemeteries, and monument companies like Maggard Memorials & Laser Art.

A Time-Honored Practice in a Modern World

Cremation is a funeral practice that reduces a deceased person’s body to ashes and bone fragments through intense heat. This is usually done in a specialized furnace called a crematorium. After cremating, the ashes are carefully collected and can be kept in an urn. They can also be scattered in a meaningful place or used in various memorialization methods chosen by the family.

Cremation is not a new practice; it’s been a part of many cultures and religions for a long time. For instance, it is commonly seen in Hinduism and Buddhism. Now, cremation has become a mainstream option for end-of-life arrangements. The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) reported that the cremation rate in the United States surpassed the burial rate for the first time in 2020.

The Impact of Cremation on the Funeral Industry

The rising popularity of cremation has significantly influenced various sectors:

Funeral Homes

While traditional funerals and burials are still sought after, many families are now opting for cremation services. Funeral directors have expanded their offerings to accommodate the crematory process, providing memorial services, urn selection, and personalized ceremonies that celebrate a life well-lived.


With the increasing popularity of cremation, traditional cemeteries have seen a shift in how square footage is utilized. There is a higher demand for spaces specifically designed for the inurnment of cremated remains. Columbariums — structures with niches for urns — have become common in cemeteries. Additionally, memorial gardens and scattering areas are created to provide serene environments where families can spread ashes or place urns.

Monument Companies

Companies that create monuments and headstones — like Maggard Memorials & Laser Art — have also felt the impact of this funeral arrangement. While traditional headstones are still in demand, there has been a surge in requests for cremation tributes. These custom memorials can take various forms, such as engraved plaques, benches, sculptures, or even specially designed urns.

Innovative Adaptations in the Era of Cremation

Given the impact of cremation’s increasing popularity, the funeral industry has adapted through several innovations:

Cremation Memorials

Cremation monuments are specially designed to hold cremated remains or offer a place for families to visit and remember their loved ones. They can be customized with laser etchings, engravings, and personalized inscriptions, much like traditional headstones.

Cremation Ceremonies

Cremation-specific memorial services often celebrate the departed’s life rather than mourning their passing. They can be tailored to the family’s preferences, incorporating music, pictures, and personal anecdotes to create a more personalized and positive experience.

Online Memorialization

The digital age has brought forth innovative ways to remember and honor the departed. Online platforms and mobile applications allow families to create virtual tributes where they can share stories, photos, and videos. These digital spaces provide a sense of community and connection, allowing friends and family worldwide to participate in the process.

Maggard Memorials & Laser Art Redefining Cremation Services

As cremations become the norm, monument companies are adapting to provide families with meaningful ways to remember their loved ones. Maggard Memorials & Laser Art continues to be a leading and innovative establishment in this ever-changing industry, helping families navigate these changes with compassion and creativity.

Our cremation memorials are meticulously crafted, blending artistry and precision to honor the unique journey of your dearly departed. From elegantly designed urns to intricately laser-etched plaques, we offer a range of options to choose from. Contact us at 513-282-6969 to schedule a consultation.

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