Architectural & Civic Services

Impressive Architectural and Civic Services

Southwestern Ohio has a lot to be proud about. There is no better way to demonstrate your civic pride than by erecting a beautiful custom engraved granite monument. A civic monument marks the historic importance of the place.

Maggard Memorials and Laser Art Technology works to create an appropriate, everlasting monument that future generations will honor and respect. Contact us in Lebanon to arrange a FREE consultation in the location of your choice.

Expressions of Historical Pride

Since your memorial is completely customized, there are no limits to the commemorates.

  • Local heroes
  • Community leaders
  • Individual and community achievements
  • Historic sites
  • Civic heritage
  • Donor recognition

Architectural Innovation

Engraved granite is a magnificent material to incorporate into school and government buildings, parks, golf courses, casinos, and other architectural projects. From signs to benches, you can personalize your project.

  • Cornerstones
  • Signs
  • Benches
  • Flagstones and pavers

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